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Level Sense provides smart, reliable, monitoring for the masses. Around here, water comes in buckets and sometimes continues for days. However, that is not always the case if water is coming in too fast or drainage solutions are not working as designed. The line-up of Level Sense monitoring products were designed to address this problem. With our mobile app you can monitor your sump pump across the globe. Level Sense supports the following devices: Level Sense Pro, Sentry, Freezer Sentry, and SeptiSense.

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Level Sense introduces smart and reliable monitoring solutions for widespread use. In areas where water flow can be unpredictable, our monitoring products address potential issues, especially when drainage systems are not functioning optimally. Our mobile app empowers users to monitor their sump pumps globally, providing real-time insights into water levels and potential concerns. The Level Sense product lineup includes the Level Sense Pro, Sentry, Freezer Sentry, and SeptiSense, offering versatile monitoring solutions to meet various needs and ensure peace of mind for users concerned about water-related issues.


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Grant Czapla.

CEO and Founder of Level Sense

It is a pleasure to work with Kapoor. He is currently working on both android and iOS application development. Communication is excellent, and the work is top notch. No complaints on my end.

Grant Czapla

CEO and Founder



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