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Live Out Any Reality , Personal Growth, Life Planning, Dream Coaching, Achievement App

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Loar was created to support and inspire people in achieving any dream they desire by creating a vision board on a timeline .When we visualize our future , to the point where it’s so clear that when we close our eyes , we know what it smells like , who’s there and what we are experncing. All there is left to do is create a plan by working backwards and have someone hold you accountable

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loar app

App Features

Loar was conceived with the primary mission of providing unwavering support and inspiration to individuals striving to turn their dreams into reality. Through the creation of a personalized vision board on a timeline, the platform empowers users to meticulously outline their aspirations. It encourages the practice of visualizing the future with such vivid clarity that, upon closing one’s eyes, the scent, the individuals present, and the experiences become palpable. At this stage, the only remaining step is to translate these crystal-clear visions into actionable plans. Loar guides users through the process of creating a plan by working backward, ensuring each step is carefully orchestrated. To further fortify commitment and progress, the platform emphasizes the importance of accountability, encouraging users to have someone reliable to hold them accountable on their transformative journey towards achieving any dream they desire.


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Steven Scope.

CEO and Founder of Loar

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Steven Scope

CEO and Founder



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