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Suggest your opinion with your friends, family members or any random person with their username in the form of a changed voice without disclosing your identity. 5 features with saving voice notes.

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Picture a platform where you can freely share your opinions and engage in discussions with friends, family, or even strangers, all while maintaining the privacy of your identity. With the innovative feature of voice-driven opinions, expressing your thoughts becomes an effortless and dynamic experience. What makes this platform truly unique is the ability to interact anonymously, encouraging open conversations without the need to disclose your identity. Usernames add an extra layer of privacy, ensuring a secure space for candid discussions. The added convenience of saving voice notes allows you to revisit and review opinions shared in various conversations, fostering reflection and continuous dialogue. To add a touch of fun, dynamic voice modulation options bring an element of creativity to your expressions. This distinctive platform not only values your voice but also prioritizes your privacy, making “Suggest Me” an ideal space for sharing opinions in a unique and secure manner. Download “Suggest Me” now and amplify your voice with confidence and privacy.


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Paul Flowers.

CEO and Founder of PingConnects

Job was completed successfully. I have used this company for many other jobs and they have always done very well.

Paul Flowers

CEO and Founder



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